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To be specific, Orre. I will be surprised if you’ve heard of it; most people are only aware that it exists, and tha-

(Well, he’s a lot faster than he looks.)

As I said, I am not a stalker. I know of Lucas because he also works with a Pokémon Professor.

Uh, anyone who doesn’t know Orre needs to go back to school, man.  I mean, it’s not like it’s THAT small or anything!  IT’S RIGHT THERE …  But whatever, I know of that place!  What’s it like over there??  I’ve heard it’s kinda, like, DESERT - Y … or something?

… … Uh??  I don’t think he’s working with Rowan …  I was pretty sure Dawn was working with Rowan, actually.  Unless ya mean he’s doin’ what I’m doin’, ‘cause then, yeahuh, that’s about right! I met him when I was tryin’ ta trade one of my Pokémon on the GTS awhile ago … ~  ( /lost in his own thoughts now )

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